oz., 8 fl. Features: All colors are intermixable to produce custom shades; Ideal for tinting woodworking glues, touch up and repair work, and adjusting the color of pre-mixed stains Some colors may need 25% water to achieve color. Pre-finish, the dye will appear chalky or washed out and may even have a different color tint to it. One of the tricky things about aniline dyes is that the color prior to applying the clear finish coat can look quite a bit different than the final color with the finish applied. All Models AFTER 2013 will require our Regular Leather Dye. Lighter or stronger colors are achieved by increasing or decreasing dye amount in water. J.E. Like many technological breakthroughs, its discovery was accidental. Intense colors are used in moderation; for toning purposes the concentration will vary according to the desired effect. If you use a water based dye, you can make your own conditioner by mixing 1 part w/b finish to 1-2 parts water. 1) Check color match. Solar-Lux can be mixed into Behlen nitrocellulose spray Lacquers to produce shading and highlighting toners. Leather aniline dye is designed to restore color and sheen to worn and faded leather without changing the feel. Mix 2% crosslinker (#SL-7) into the semi-aniline dye color. The aniline dyes in our kits are affordable and well known for highlighting wood grains and leaving a clean, vibrant finish. Keda Dye’s hybrid wood dyes are some of the finest wood stains available on the market today. These dyes are considered synthetic organic compounds, a carbon-based chemical that is altered by another substance, or synthesized. And to make matters worse, some "coated" leathers were aniline dyed before being coated making the leather the same color front and back! Aniline Dye Wood Color Chart December 22, 2015 colorpaints Leave a comment Aniline dye wood color chart tired72yqr woodwork aniline wood dye pdf plans aniline dyes dyes … Test your dye stain and wood sealer on a scrap piece of wood to determine your complete color outcome, as well as gaining a better understanding on how Keda wood dyes will apply to wood for best result. For use as a finish toner, simply add the dye concentrate to shellac, water-base finishes, solvent lacquers, and catalyzed varnish or lacquers. Allow the piece to dry thoroughly before finishing. Our Color Remover makes it possible to remove the existing color from yet-to-be dyed fabric, giving you a dye-ready canvas for spectacular results and true color. The term "leather dyes" is often misused to describe color … Apply the water base/water mix liberally to the wood - just like when you raise the grain. water. Stamporama began with 6 members in January 1996 with one idea -- trading duplicates among the members. Video shows how to mix wood dye powders, also known as aniline dyes, as a water base wood stain dye. It’s also the perfect solution for removing dye stains (washed by mistake with colored items) and even … King Ranch Interior Color Charts for Choosing the Correct King Ranch Leather Dye Kit or Leather Repair Kit from Leather Magic! Details. Wipe off any excess quickly and allow it … Apply dye liberally to assure even absorption and color saturation. WATER Soluble ANILINE DYES Transparent Stain Powder This results in extremely vibrant, highly concentrated, and powerful wood dye products. The stains can be applied by dipping, sponging, brushing, or spraying. Our water-soluble aniline water stains are made from aniline dyes. Purchase Aniline Leather Dye Products. Ready to apply by wipe on or spray on methods. Click here for more information on W. D. Lockwood. Aniline Dyes Application Tips. Behlen waterborne solar lux dye stain finishes for cherry wood finishing transtint dyes varathane wood stain color chart varathane 1 qt clic clear tint baseVarnish Wood Stain Finishing Dye Color Chart HaloGeneral Finishes Water Based Dye Stains Color ChartSle Color Chip SscWood Stain Colour ChartSolar Lux Ngr Stain Color ChartHardwood Floor Stain ColorsPlans Wood Dye Colors … 3) Allow to dry. Solar-Lux penetration and translucency helps to enhance the wood’s natural grain pattern. Color Name Color # Color; Dark Burgundy: AN29: Sequioa: AN30: Sand: AN31: Shadow Blue: AN32 H. Behlen Aniline DYE Stain (Dry Powdered) -- Water / Alcohol Soluble dyes help to bring out the beauty of the wood grain and will not leave a muddy appearing surface. This item: Wood Dye - Aniline Dye 5 Color Kit - Wood Stain Kit $17.50. Aniline leather dye is a true leather stain, penetrating into the leather. Moser's Aniline Dye Stain is a dry powder that is dissolved in water to produce a stain of exceptional clarity, color and grain accentuation: Water-soluble aniline dye is a deep penetrating stain with the best light-fastness of all our anilines. Add warm water to powder to get the desired color. Brings out the beauty of the wood grain. Sold by Keda Dye and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. As true aniline dyes they feature a bold color palette and are available in dozens of shades. We have members from 8 to 87, whose interests cover the entire range of stamps and stamp collecting, from cancellations to Back of the Book. dye to 2 qt. TransFast Color Chart Pg.2 TransFast® Water Soluble Dye Powders Shown on maple and mixed according to label directions of 1 oz. Colors may need 25% Wood Alcohol to achieve color. Re-apply if necessary to achieve color saturation. A hair dryer may be used to speed drying. Non Grain Raising Dye stain. Water-soluble dyes are your first choice—The most commonly available dyes are powders dissolved in water. Homestead’s TransTint® Dyes are a solution of metal-complex dyes in a special solvent that offers the finisher many unique options in applying the colors. Dissolving these dyes in water will achieve deep penetration resulting in the best light fastness of any of the anilines. ---We attempt keeping the lists up to date----- Current packaging is at 2002 pricing. ColorS Aniline Dye Powders (Alcohol Soluble) Bright Yellow Golden Oak Early English Gray Oak Red Mahogany ... Woodworker's Supply offers this color chart to you as a Woodworker's helpful guide to select approximate colors for your finishing needs. Description Aniline Leather Dye Colors feature a water-borne penetrating dye for coloring aniline, nubuck and suede unprotected leather. 2) Apply a light coat of the semi-aniline dye color by spray, wipe on or brush on method. The less water you use, the darker the dye will color. (Please use our printable order list or our printer-friendly" mailable form to calculate your order charges.) Features Excellent for re-coloring faded aniline leather. The beauty of the wood grain will show clearly without the “muddy” look sometimes left due to the overuse of pigments. They are inexpensive and easy to blend. 4) Apply additional coats as needed, allowing each coat of color to dry to touch. To: ... Water or Alcohol Dye list & pricing ===== Note: Dec, 2009 - Dyes Listed Below - - Subject to stock on hand.-- Item in stock if a price is shown. To achieve this highly desired result the trick is to mix 6% of Fiebing’s Leather Dye … Solar-Lux colors may be intermixed to achieve customized colors and shades. These are highly concentrated, water-soluble aniline dye powders used for mixing stains on their own, or to tone other water-based stain mixtures. Solar-Lux dries in approximately one The aniline leather dye enhances the color of the leather and allows you to see the natural grain and marking of the leather. In Stock. often termed aniline dyes (although no longer Allow to penetrate for a few minutes, then wipe off all excess dye remaining on the wood's surface. For generations saddle makers and other manufacturers of leather goods have used a combination of oil and dye to both control color as well as to maintain the suppleness of the leather. oz., 32 fl. Unlike pigmented stains, these do not mask the natural grain and texture of the wood. cherry or vibrant color on a more contemporary piece, you’ll get the most impact by applying a dye to un-finished wood. FREE Shipping on orders over $25.00. The color samples below show the stain in use in two color dilutions on a sample Birch board. These are concentrated. oz. Today Stamporama has over 2200 members from 49 US states, 9 Provinces and Territories of Canada, 6 states of Australia and 66 total countries worldwide. These colors are compatible with our complete range of aniline stains. I do the water wash to raise the grain then lightly rub it down with #320 grit. Aniline dye is a substance used to color fabric, leather, and wood. Magenta was one of the first aniline dyes, discovered shortly after the Battle of Magenta (1859), which occurred near the town of Magenta in northern Italy. The denser color on the left is a more typical 1 ounce of dye … Sold in 2 fl. The array of colors in both primary and wood tones is unsurpassed and these dyes can also be intermixed to make custom colors. After I apply the dye, I give it a full 12 or more hours to fully set then wipe/burnish it down with a clean cotton cloth.

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