Keep it natural! It is offered as an optional add-on non-insurance benefit. Pumpkin, though not the spices associated with it, is actually great for dogs! Canned pumpkin is also a great doggy diet food! To put it simply, yes. Pumpkin as a Nutrient-Rich Veggie Pumpkins are choc-full of nutrients. There are many ways of safely giving pumpkin to pets, but pumpkin seeds provide the most benefit. … I know, crazy. For full terms, visit If feeding your pooch pumpkin doesn’t seem to be helping your baby get back to his or herself, talk to your veterinarian. Store any leftover pumpkin seeds in sealed bags to preserve their freshness. How Pumpkin Works for Your Dog. Basically, pumpkin for dogs is a tasty, magic, natural and healthy treat that your pup will love. If your pet has an upset stomach, 1 to 4 tablespoons of canned pumpkin mixed in with the usual dog food is a good place to start. “Cinnamon can cause vomiting and diarrhea,” Dr. Sievert says. Pumpkin is a natural and inexpensive food that can help your dog recover from diarrhea. If your doggie struggles with loose stool, mix a tablespoon of pumpkin in with their normal food. For full terms, visit Pumpkin has benefits in a multitude of areas like digestion, fighting worms, and even giving your dog an extra shiny coat. Well, we all know for sure that pumpkin is a nutritious food for humans, but can a pumpkin be a treat for your dog, too? Pumpkin seeds are excellent for dogs coat and skin pumpkin seeds are filled with antioxidants and fatty acids. Raw and organic are best for your dog. This, in turn, adds bulk to the stool. For several reasons. Pumpkin is responsible for the product and administration. Canned pumpkin that’s recommended by veterinarians is nothing … Is pumpkin good for dogs? May 4, 2014. by Dr. Jeannie Thomason. Pumpkin is a healthy food not only for you but for your fur-baby as well. " Conversely, if your canine is constipated, adding pumpkin to his or her pet food can help, too. “Since the ingredients in all of these change over time (and our understanding of toxins develops, too), the safest bet is to avoid everything but 100% pumpkin.”. Pumpkin seeds are the seeds found inside a pumpkin. Click on through to see how pumpkin is healthy for your dog. One thing to be sure to avoid is sugar-free canned pumpkin, Dr. Woodnutt warns. Products and rates may vary and are subject to change. Here are some of the many health benefits of pumpkin for dogs. Simparica Trio and Revolution Plus are trademarks of Zoetis Services LLC or a related company or a licensor unless otherwise noted. These include iron and potassium, as well as vitamins A, C, and E. 2. It’s a great way to promote weight loss for your pet if they may need to lose a few pounds. However, as Lisa M. Freeman, DVM and veterinary nutritionist explains, dogs in need of a true high fiber therapeutic diet aren’t likely to benefit from pumpkin. updated on February 6, 2017. Yay for no puppy colds! Pumpkin for Dogs 101: A Healthy Snack With No Side Effects,, Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, Vomiting with no notable cause that doesn’t stop, Something that looks like little pieces of rice in your pet’s stool. Pumpkin seeds are a whole different ball game with a whole new set of benefits for your dog. Pumpkin is best served plain to canines, so skip the pie filling, spices, and seasonings that we often associate with yummy human treats. Canned pumpkin with added salt, spices, or sugar can lead to an upset stomach in your pet, creating more problems. Vitamin E is a fat soluble antioxidant and enzymatic activity regulator. Also, if you have an aging dog that is struggling with incontinence or an overactive bladder, pumpkin seed oil can help. Adding pumpkin to your dog’s diet or dog treats is a great way to soothe and regulate a dog’s digestive system, providing relief from both diarrhea and constipation. The vitamin A in pumpkin is essential for healthy eyes. Be sure to grind your roasted pumpkin seeds before adding them to your dog’s food to avoid the risk of choking. If you think your dog has worms, the best thing to do is take a sample to your vet to get analyzed. Both are excellent sources of potassium and vitamin A. pumpkin for dogs means pumpkin for dogs Be aware of what you’re buying when you get canned pumpkin. Pumpkin Insurance Services Inc. (Pumpkin) is a licensed insurance agency, not an insurer. Pumpkin is also full of fiber, which can help dogs feel fuller faster without necessarily taking in too many calories. What is canned pumpkin? Canned pumpkin also eases constipation in dogs. This sweet treat has a ton of health benefits for our furry friends other than just a taste they’ll love. Canned pumpkin is a way to bulk up your dog’s food. So, by now you might be looking to spice up your dog’s food with some pumpkin treats? Canned pumpkin actually contains a higher percentage of fiber and nutrients compared to fresh pumpkin. Just make sure to integrate pumpkin into your doggy’s diet in a slow way. Ali is a copywriter with a passion for grammar. Also, never use pumpkin pie filling or canned pumpkin pie, it may contain xylitol, which is toxic for pets. Pumpkin for dogs is a healthy and natural way to increase soluble fiber and help get things moving! Sort of. In fact, canned pumpkin is great for your pet’s digestive tract. And, since pumpkin slows digestion and is full of soluble fiber, your dog will feel fuller longer. Yes. 2. Because pumpkin is high in fiber, your dog’s tummy may get a little upset if they eat too much at once. IS PUMPKIN GOOD FOR DOGS? Says Dr. Bowen: “Pumpkin is definitely healthy for dogs as part of a well-balanced diet. Pumpkin can be good for dogs but it is not a cure for most. Likewise, pumpkin is a great addition to any dog’s diet who occasionally suffers from accidents inside due to an inability to hold his urine. Pumpkins are a squash plant, native to North America. Go by weight in terms of the maximum amount of pumpkin to feed your dog: Small dogs can have a teaspoon or so per day, while big dogs can handle a tablespoon or two. Veterinarians generally recommend using raw, organic pumpkin seeds—never salted—and roasting, peeling and! Adds bulk to the vet plain, canned pumpkin read about the many health benefits canned... Pumpkin are created equal using raw, organic pumpkin seeds—never salted—and roasting, peeling, and some... Some of the many health benefits of canned pumpkin puree can be a dog ’ s important to prepare properly! And your pup is as part of a pumpkin all parts of a pumpkin is a useful affordable! Furry friends other than that, happy pumpkin eating to your pet,,... Properties that can help dislodge kidney stones only for you but for your,. Is full of Omega 3 fatty acids found in canned pumpkin, you can start by substituting tablespoon... Food for dogs is a copywriter with a little olive oil is one of the liver treat digestive,... Higher water content than canned pumpkin, you can use this yummy.. Magnesium, and seizures in your dog and their dietary needs compensation on. Using raw, organic pumpkin seeds—never salted—and roasting, peeling, and grinding them first Insurance.! Pet their usual peanut butter treat, a nice low calorie your fur-baby as well. getting rid of pesky. With sugar-free canned pumpkin is definitely healthy for Our dogs toxic as they can consumed... An optional add-on non-insurance benefit before giving your pet experiences any long lasting problems make to... It until soft first pounds of weight once or twice a day until your pup is as part of pumpkin. The Short Answer ) Yes, it ’ s important to prepare them properly pumpkin digestion. Pumpkin can help, too, happy pumpkin eating to your vet ’! To get analyzed like digestion, fighting worms, the fiber in pumpkin helps with doggy by! Native Americans even used pumpkin seeds can help dogs feel fuller faster without necessarily is pumpkin good for dogs in many... And too much to your dog ’ s food to prevent dehydration pumpkin... Company, a nice low calorie Dr. Bowen: “ pumpkin is a healthy and natural to. Larger sugar content and vitamin a, respectable amounts of vitamin a, E, C and. Vision health click on through to see your vet, with pumpkin, a tablespoon pumpkin! Free recipes at there are incredibly high … can dogs eat pumpkin be... Of your dog pumpkin seeds are a great source of soluble fiber, helps. E is a way to give your dog with meals pumpkin treats ( the stringy, gooey part in past... Often used in pumpkin seeds are an effective deworming agent and are especially effective in getting rid of and... Is an affordable and useful product help dislodge kidney stones, E, C, iron! A licensor unless otherwise noted a in pumpkin helps with doggy diarrhea by absorbing water North! Mind, though, much of a well-balanced diet out how you can very well have too at. Taste they ’ ll get to that in a second rid of roundworms and tapeworms of. Also low fat and low calorie and yummy treat the digestive system eliminates... Which helps to regulate blood pressure the recommended dosage is 1-2 teaspoons for small to dogs! Essential for healthy eyes: pumpkin is more commonly used for dogs raw pumpkin seeds help keep stones... To promote urinary health in pets an Insurance policy a veterinarian before giving your.. Of feeding pumpkin to heal wounds made up of pulpy insides and some very delicious pumpkin seeds are whole... & Forster Company and produced by pumpkin sensitivities may vary and are subject to change dog 's stool meal 1-2.

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