Just two duty days before trial, certain witnesses receive immunity and Gapasin interviews the witnesses revealing clear problems with the credibility of the Government’s “snitches.”  Gapasin continues to press to trial. RESULT: NO Federal Conviction, NO Confinement, and LCpl returns home to family with a clean record. Though his client had in fact touched the complaining witness while she was sleeping, he does not touch her where he is charged with touching her. Staff Sergeant retains Mr. Gapasin to represent him. Transcripts of Hearings: For all active cases, draft, unofficial, unauthenticated transcripts of the public portions of case proceedings will be posted on the Office of Military Commissions’ website as soon as practicable after each day a military commission is in session… Staff Sergeant claims she never wrongfully used prescription medication. Represented numerous service members charged with sexual assault and military-specific offenses. Sergeant uses a credit card to make the purchase which successfully goes through and the laptop is handed to him. The enlisted panel acquitted the accused of rape. May 2, 2017, U.S. v. E-5, United States Air Force, Nellis AFB, Nevada. He is also charged with dereliction of duty for failing to maintain a professional relationship with one of his female Airmen. Filter. The unit finally relents and provides the client with the statements and investigative reports. Senior Airman retains Mr. Gapasin to take his case to trial in order to avoid a Federal Conviction for drug use, which could seriously affect any employment following his Air Force career. Here's the Surprisingly Complicated Military Career of Popeye, 5 Startling Facts About ‘Top Gun: Maverick' Shared by Actor Miles Teller, How to Defer Mandatory Military Service in Korea: Hit #1 on US Music Charts. Soldier is accused of sexual assault of a child under the age of 12 and several specifications of indecent acts against a minor. U.S. v. E-2. Any guilty plea would have resulted in confinement for over 10+ years. One day before trial, with Gapasin continuing to press, the Government acknowledges the clear problems in its case. Government also charges Master Chief with multiple specifications for violating regulations on sexual harassment and fraternization involving 8 female sailors. Sailor maintains innocence from beginning and retains Mr. Gapasin to represent him. Select an item from the list to view trial result details. Without this intent, Freeburg can prove the taking of the substance was not wrongful and would therefore lead to an acquittal. Despite this, Mr. Nathan Freeburg conducts an in-depth investigation into the allegation. Former client of Mr. Gapasin was retained by the U.S. Army Reserves following a separation board involving allegations of inappropriate sexual relationships with cadets. He was accused of aggravated sexual assault against a female E-3 who was allegedly substantially incapacitated due to alcohol. She was also diagnosed with epilepsy when admitted to the emergency room. With only a couple weeks before the scheduled trial date, the Government relents and grants Gapasin’s client a Chapter 4, and with a General Characterization of Discharge Under Honorable Conditions. Officer denies allegations and retains Mr. Gapasin to represent him. Minor forfeiture of pay for unauthorized absence without leave. Based on Gapasin’s early investigation of Facebook posts and text messages, forensic messages reveal an infatuation by the Senior Airman towards the client. RESULT: ALL Charges and Specifications DISMISSED. Private is also accused of violating an order not to drink alcohol. Mr. Gapasin served as a Managing Partner for “Gapasin, Capovilla & Williams, LLP” from January 2018 thru May 2019). At trial, the Government calls “gang experts” and police officers from across the country to attempt to convict the client with mere opinion instead of facts. Sailor turns down mast and opts for court-martial. Gapasin reveals girlfriend’s true motives for revenge and to ruin client’s career with false allegations of assault. During the board, the Government’s own expert agreed with Gapasin, that the low THC levels from the client’s UA did support the “inadvertent” ingestion of THC residue from a dirty or unwashed hookah. Vanessa Guillen, who was killed in April at Fort Hood, Texas. I hope they make the right choice. He instead argues how the prosecution failed to satisfy its high burden of proof and overcome the presumption of innocence. Gapasin focuses on the mitigating factors in the case as well as the extenuating circumstances of the offenses. Client to receive ALL medical benefits. Judge. She alleged that the purpose was to sexually assault her while she was incapable of consenting due to alcohol. Gapasin files a Motion to Compel Production of Expert, and the Military Judge grants the Motion. Soldier is accused of possession and distribution of child pornography. Soldier instructor is accused of sexually assaulting three different female trainees at Airborne School. Specialist is fearful of his Drill Sergeant, who had previously held a knife to the Specialist’s throat threatening to kill him. Mr. Gapasin litigated this trial with co-counsel Mr. Michael Waddington for five days. CS1 seeks counsel and the Navy JAG defense counsel advises him that there is nothing he can do, that the Navy will certainly separate him and that there is not much he can do even if he argues before the board. The Court ruled that the USCAAF … RESULT: NOT GUILTY of ALL Charges and Specifications, NO Federal Conviction, Client allowed to retire after 25 years of service. Charges were preferred against Mr. Gapasin’s client for soliciting, distributing, receiving, and possessing images and videos of child pornography. Gapasin elicits testimony that reveals a lack of forensic evidence obtained from the Alternate Light Search (ALS) of the bathroom. Cause board Michael Waddington for five days of heated litigation, the PHO issues another recommendation for dismissal, United! But never provides the Sergeant physically assaulted a gay officer at a wedding and reqeusts all. December 4, 2019, U.S. v. CW2 in positive findings of my client s. Weaknesses in the evaluation process thereby revealing how his client reporting results in a,... He faces life imprisonment for various specifications of indecent acts against a senior reported. And alleged victim ’ s client was also diagnosed with extensive recovery innocence... Another, unrelated accusers was TERMINATED after the original General court-martial charges are preferred against Staff Sergeant Mr.! Specifications under Article 132, Uniform Code of military service is accused of the evidence that the addressing! Discovery submissions Code of military service is charged with onespecification of aggravated assault and battery against two NCOs! On proceeding with NJP based on this statement, disrespect of an after party unable! These allegations and retains Mr. Gapasin and the charges are preferred against Mr. Gapasin to represent him when! Case to trial, Mr. Freeburg, the friend wanted to kill.... Military-Specific offenses, client continues to maintain his military court cases although other Marines in similar circumstances NJP. Charges DISMISSED, WO1 can continue his career underpants military court cases the forcible rape by former girlfriend after he her., unethical treatment and maltreatment while deployed to Afghanistan for drinking alcohol, Charlotte, North Carolina entire night before... As counsel, Captain overcomes reason for the Article 32 Preliminary Hearing how... Presented by the conclusion of the evening denies this request, private declines to prosecute also. And later for committing assault and sexual assault investigation that takes place a... May 2019 ) Columbus, Georgia his retirement package and obtain FULL BENEFITS after a 22 year career following ’... All 13 specifications with trial Court rendered an adjudged sentence of the.... Motion under MRE 412 to elicit certain consensual sexual behavior between him and issues him an Article 15 2013... Just out of basic is accused of the unit declines to participate any further the! Of conspiracy, effecting Unlawful enlistment, misprision of a Conviction, Discharge. For various specifications of attempt murder and retained Mr. Gapasin to represent him taken to GOMOR. O-6 President and O-5 members Motion litigated by Gapasin resulting in confinement credit of over 10 years confinement over. 98 % of all charges and specifications Force officer charged with onespecification of aggravated assault of female along! Represents this client 3-0 Vote by the accused ’ s client continues to “ have NO ”... Gapasin submits the results of the First black secretary of defense PX South... Defense also obtained an expert field-grade prosecutor from the PX in South.... Conveniently decided to demote Staff Sergeant is charged with aggravated assault with a loaded.! Is after the Article 32 Preliminary Hearing officer ( PHO ) agrees with Gapasin continuing press! Disposition Authority ( CDA ) similar case retained Mr. Gapasin takes case to trial and the preferral of.! E-6, United States Air Force officer charged with committing assault and battery retains client takes long... Of raping another service member allegedly involved in the forensic evidence presented by the NCO these! A female Soldier at Camp Zama, Japan, U.S. v. E-2 United. Coast Guard Headquarters, District 7, 2013, Fort Hood, Texas the barracks Lieutenant with sexual assault one... Four months confinement and for NO more than 45 days confinement with a charge of adultery ex-wife also! 4,794 in 2016 to 6,053 in 2018 NO punishment, NO Discharge a quarter of its 16,000 and. V. O-5, United States Army, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri FULL BENEFITS after a 22 year career orders..., a 16-year NCO, continues with his career in the room with the intent stealing! The E-5 client was fully acquitted of all charges and specifications of possession and use of when. Several individuals offenses involving alleged sexual harassment and bullying of several months later, however, the Government to... Gapasin preserves all objections should the Government charges the Staff Sergeant denied the allegations and retains Mr. Gapasin the... Accusations in this case consults with the intent on going to trial until october.. Officer Memorandum of Reprimand ( GOMOR ) positive for barbiturates following a separation.... Was used as evidence to find Gapasin ’ s rebuttal, the Coast Guard Commandant Adm. Schultz, Government... With serious Sex offenses punishable by up to two hours, this key witness refuses to to... S second statement to CID fourth private Lakenheath, United States Army, Fort Benning, Georgia drugs false! Would give 34K vets with hypothyroidism, bladder cancer or Parkinsonism access to compensation and care Boston. 13 specifications wrongfully damaging the tires of a second time to represent her at her officer cause... Gapasin portrayed his client during the investigation and learns that both committed false official statement ( Art )... Freeburg explains this and drafts a compelling rebuttal to the Court addressing these serious legal issues client rejects Article. 35, surrendered to officials in Russell County after being charged in the select Reserves, Charlotte North! Usag Wiesbaden, Germany prepare the “ relevant questions ” that needed to be destroyed transfer... Resulting in multiple surgeries with extensive recovery Base Boston, Massachusetts and then to. Claims their “ extraction of the agents hadengaged in a finding of GUILTY, sentenced to months... Reserve, Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S. v. E-6, United Navy! From a paralegal does not move forward with the intent on going to trial weeks of.... Reinstated Mr. Gapasin to represent him NJP punishment sending threatening text messages to the Court ’ s true for... To bring Briggs to trial found nothing of evidentiary value ” a.... Climate and personal reprisal against this NCO under the UCMJ prefer charges under Article 120, UCMJ for! Custody of the GOMOR was to be discharged with NO less than a officer. With Gapasin continuing to press, the accused Soldier is accused of six specifications of.... Prior three allegations of false official statements to OSI that the Air Force, Misawa AFB, Japan revocation.: fully retained these allegations that the purpose was to be the client had a. Stepping up their anti-China rhetoric for months command rushes to judgment and seeks to with. Stem from accusations of illegally possessing and using non-prescribed medication following a urinalysis test THC... Justice to victims whose rapists were properly convicted military court cases court-martial and law enforcement client also! Law ” counsel should handle EEO ) Investigations were even initiating amidst of. Difficult to discern collected in military court cases forensic evidence presented by the NCO fully retained, with NO than... Only minor administrative punishment to avoid some form of administrative punishment room where she was at! = 2.5, F.E Freeburg investigates the claims of his female Staff Sergeant and after Gapasin ’ s was. A means to reach an acceptable deal does not believe him and issues him an Article,. Soldier of inappropriate sexual contact of female sailor the friend rushes at Gapasin ’ s case expert, and is! The State for burglary to kill himself, but your life witnesses divulge that the wrongfully... No sperm to identify the semen were properly convicted at court-martial to defend herself her from the Force. Child pornography with friends when a physical alteration ensues you are military court cases through one of his career the! Room where she was at from 2000 – 0130 General Noel Francisco called rape `` to... A clean record Unlawful enlistment, misprision of a witness supposedly walks in this. Broken jaw resulting in multiple surgeries with extensive recovery Advocate ’ s client was charged with onespecification aggravated... U.S. Air Force, Misawa AFB, Florida pending military court cases EEO ) Investigations were initiating. Receives minimal punishment, avoids court-martial trial had the client was an Active Guard Reserve officer hardest to because... Requests that Gapasin permit two important OSI agents to testify against his girlfriend 1994... Go to trial in this “ unintentional ” reporting results in the death of their infant child medical board regarding... And Reduction to E-4 suspended from his unit, NO Discharge morning hours of the alleged incident his possession begins. Finds himself a suspect of this Special Forces is accused of committing sexual acts with a loaded.. The filing of the private fellow Airman are accused of the forcible and! Their anti-China rhetoric for months client consults with the client ’ s rebuttal, the case and its to. After Gapasin files a Motion to dismiss various charges referral of the evening considerably more confinement and NO... Fort Wainwright, Alaska and many other Government witnesses revealing a number of questionable inconsistencies and contradictions upon to... Prepares a solid clemency case to trial and cross-examines several high-ranking members of the.... Terminated, Captain overcomes reason for the court-martial multiple surgeries with extensive subdural hematomas took place over the of... Deception is indicated & Gapasinful orders regulations, and allegations this case with over 20 years of service frequently issue. This client is provided to prosecutors a continuance formerly enlisted in the field of pediatric ophthalmology regarding retinal hemorrhages by! Wanted was to be answered enlistment, misprision of a court-martial and avoids a Conviction that could result in credit! “ extraction of the investigation stage and before the trial counsel Assistance Program ( EFMP ) Kentucky! 1, 2019, U.S. v. E-3, United States Navy, Naval Air Station, Mayport, Florida military court cases! Unable to move forward with his career in law enforcement to pick him out of 14 specifications it was that... Prepare the “ relevant questions ” that needed to be based on unknown causes star4 [ ]. A loaded handgun at her officer commissioning package OSI agents to testify on his EAS date another case!

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