PART I. In recognition of Hawaii’s limited land and water resources, the State Department of Agriculture is charged with preserving these important resources to ensure the viability of Hawaii’s diversified agricultural industry. §205-4.5 Permissible uses within the agricultural districts. State of Hawai`i Land Use Commission Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism P.O. May 17, 2019 Hawaii Administrative Rules Hawaii Administrative Rules – Effective Oct. 26, 1998 (current set of rules) The State’s Agricultural Park Program makes land available to small farmers at reasonable cost with long-term tenure.. Box 2359 Honolulu, Hawai`i 96804-2359. RULES OF THE LAND COURT . The North Shore of Maui has its fair share of freaky patchouli slathered hipsters creative property owners that have long taken advantage of the popular provision in the zoning code that allows you to build up to a 200 ft.² structure on agricultural properties without requiring a permit. This document can be found on the County website: Hawaii County Code (or email me for a copy of the relevant section). 2014 DHHL Applicants Survey Report – Beneficiary study conducted every five years indicates agricultural applicants’ preference for subsistence farming (pg. Rule 1. OFFICE HOURS; FILING ORIGINAL PAPERS The procedure for administrative rules is set by Hawaii Revised Statutes Chapter 91. About these lists: Programs applicable to the general public, common to multiple sectors, manufacturers of food products, and retailers may not be included. A proposed rule (or amendment) is drafted by the department, approved by the Board of Land and Natural Resources (BLNR) for public meetings/hearings, and reviewed by the Department of the Attorney General (AG). Since rules and regulations may change, use this information as a starting place to determine which regulations apply to your agricultural operation. Ag-land rule changes allow flexibility Water, roads, ohana sizes also topics at Kula meeting Local News. Table of Contents . Agricultural parks are areas set aside specifically for agricultural activities to encourage continuation or initiation of such operations. Building Structures on Ag Land – Do You Need a Permit? (a) Within the agricultural district, all lands with soil classified by the land study bureau's detailed land classification as overall (master) productivity rating class A or B shall be restricted to the following permitted uses: (a) The minimum land area required for an AG-1 dist rict agricultural cluster shall be 15 contiguous acres. (Added by Ord. The first place to start in understanding the rules for what can and can’t be built on land zoned “agricultural” in Hawaii County would be to consult Chapter 25 of the county code regarding zoning. REGISTRATION IN THE LAND COURT PROPER . Office Location: State Office Tower, Leiopapa A Kamehameha Building 235 South Beretania Street, Room 406 Honolulu, Hawai`i 96813. According the Hawaii Data Book, there is an approximate total of 4,112,388 acres of land in the State of Hawaii, of which about 48 percent is designated as conservation, 47 percent is designated as agricultural, 5 percent is designated as urban, and less and 1/2 percent is designated as rural. 99-12) Sec. 7) as primary goal of agricultural lot use. agricultural pursuits, agricultural clusters shall be permitted in any agricultural district. Land and water are two ingredients essential to sustaining agricultural operations. RULES OF THE LAND COURT (SCRU-11-0001089) Adopted and Promulgated by the Supreme Court of the State of Hawai#i December 15, 1989 With Amendments as Noted The Judiciary State of Hawai#i. Agricultural or “Ag Zoning,” refers to designations made by local jurisdictions that are intended to protect farmland and farming activities from incompatible non-farm uses. 21-3.50-2 Agricultural cluster--Site standards.

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