You can create any type of mega menu with this extension, like several variations that you have seen on our demo site. Image Width, Image Height: If you set "Keep Image Aspect Ratio" field to "No", product image will be shown on this size. Please don't forget, the configuration Category Description Position should be As Full Width below the Header in Stores > Settings > Configuration > Porto > Porto - Settings Panel > Category View. Further reference Top 10 best-selling Magento 2 Themes and Templates. In this tab, you can set options for the category view page. A: In file \Smartwave\porto\Mageplaza_LayeredNavigation\templates\layer\category_filter.phtml, please change: We would like to thank you for using Porto Magento 2 Theme! Porto vs Pearl theme for Magento 2. Different themes might have a variable presentation for the layout of the top Magento navigation. You can configure any color you want, for entire site or certain sections through poewrful admin options. SEO Friendly is one of our top priorities while working on Porto improvements, you can expect high seo performance while using Porto. Not an easy theme … It's very clean and nice compared to other themes. You can modify slider content by custom HTML based on sample content. In fact, this Magento theme offers 21 Modern Layouts (available in Magento v. 1 and Magento v. 2) and 20 Classic Layouts (available in Magento v. 1). Variations 2. With the Magento theme 2.4.0 update, this will burst out to be one of the best-sellers in Themeforest. Go through Setup Wizard and install it. Magento Community Edition 1.7.x – 1.9.3.x Ready! Zeon Shop by BrandsThis extension offers brands attribute and management for each products. ie, if you set this option as "2", upto 2 depth sub categories will be shown in menu. php bin / magento setup: di: compile . Purchasing Porto or any other theme from us you get 100% free support. Header Type: Porto eCommerce provides 20 header styles, you can choose one of them here. Click two Import buttons to prepare demo installation. Please refer to [Magento documentation] for more details. So next steps are easy, just visit http://m2.loc/2.07/magento-website/ (in my case) and follow Setup Wizard. porto 3.2.2 no need patch or child theme just install and activate with any keys "for Magento 2.3.3" Porto 3.2.2 patched with child You can edit its content in Content > Blocks > Porto - Custom Block for Category Page Side bar. I have found an issue where when I load the page with dev tools enabled and having disable cache checked, a number of js errors pop up. Hello, I would like some help to choose between Porto and Pearl theme for Magento 2, I already purchased Porto but read that Pearl is better. Make the child theme in the same directory with "porto". In this installation, Magento core code is also stored under /vendor directory and updating is possible through Magento admin. Porto is always keen to update latest css 3 technologies, you can see nice and exclusive css3 animation effects through demos. This theme belongs to Best Magento 2 Themes in 2018 and other Magento Collections of: Activate SW Extensions, open command line in folder root of magento and run commands via ssh using putty or others, php bin/magento setup:upgrade. To make the slide image clickable, you can use this HTML as a block content: Featured Products - It shows the products which "Is Featured" attribute is "yes". Backup database of your site: Go to admin > System > Backup > Backup Database, then input file name and submit it. As per the official Magento Devdocs, a theme in Magento 2 is a component of Magento application which provides a consistent look and feel (visual design) for entire application area (for example, storefront or Magento admin) using a combination of custom templates, layouts, styles or images.. Sometimes your site is broken, after run this command, it's because of you ran this command with the incorrect user. The major strong point of Porto is the diversity of layouts that it contains. Wait! Porto is simply a better choice for your new website design. Sticky menu: If enabled, the main menu will not disappear when the user scrolls down the page. I have installed the porto theme on Magento 2. For example, 2. Support Center - Contact us if you get any issue while using Porto, reply within 16 hrs. 2. Footer - Bottom: You can choose necessary options for Footer-Bottom, like logo image url, social icons, payment methods and copyright text etc. Select the 1st level category, go to "SW Menu" tab, set "Menu Type" field as "Full Width". Now it’s time to install Magento 2. First we will use our Magento 2.2.2 LAMP. You can set several different types of sliders, boxed, full, grid, etc.. Header Type 3. Search: My Account; Daily deal; My Wishlist; Log In; Cart 0 Item(s) You have no items in your shopping cart. Composer is a tool for dependency management in PHP. image_height - Product Image Height(eg: 400). Step 2: Decompress the file “Theme Files/magento 2.1.0/” – in the file we stored theme files, theme’s extensions files, sample theme media files. Porto Magento 2 theme costs depend on the template you opt for an online business. Can anyone let me me know if I need to rollback to 2.0.2 from 2.0.4 based on the following errors? Move Product Tabs at the Right of Product Image: You can move the product tabs at the right of the product image. Vendor: Solwin InfoTech. Sticky Header: You can enable Sticky Header. You can set another menu type for a certain category(or certain menu item) in Products > Categories > SW Menu tab. Breadcrumbs: In these options, you can set color values for breadcrumbs in detail - background, text, links and links hover colors. Products Grid Type: - Product Grid Item Type from Porto 3.2.0(1 ~ 10). If you are unable to find your answer here in our documentation, we encourage you to contact us through themeforest item support page with your site CPanel(or FTP) and magento admin details. On the product page, the customer can see the product image, product description. 1. Logo: You can change the theme’s logo by accessing the Theme Options and uploading your logo(GIF, PNG, JPG, or SVG file type) with the uploader under the Store > Configuation > General Tab > General > Header section.The default Magento 2 logo in the sample data is an SVG file, which is a scalable XML-based vector graphic format. Set Block Width that you prefer to add image or custom block as right image. Nothing changes on the frontend after make color changes in Porto- Design Panel? Select Default Category in the treeview area at the left side. We believe you will face lots of traffic from mobile device users not only from desktop or laptop users. This is a PAID Extension, you can build marketplace ecommerce site using this extension that is fully compatible with Porto. This was without sample data. Flex Grid: You can enable flex grid mode. image_width - Product Image Width(eg: 300). I have installed the porto theme on Magento 2. Before you get started, please be sure to always check out this documentation. A: If you see the following error when selecting Home Version 9: We're sorry, an error has occurred while generating this email. Set "Sub Category Menu Columns" for the your menu popup level. Features of Porto Nulled Download. Online Documentation - Contains all descriptions related to Porto usage and features. Re: How to upgrade Porto theme from 3.1.8 to 3.2.2 ? Desktop: make search dropdown as currently, it is occupying too much space in the header & make menu overflow go onto second line. We also provide support in weekends, but may require some more hours than normal working days. After installing the Magento just copy your files to the . You can show Latest Blog Slider, after install this extension. A: To add custom fonts you would need to add those fonts with custom CSS in Customization Setting section. Buy Porto | Ultimate Responsive Magento Theme by p-themes on ThemeForest. As a result, you can see what you've performed instantly whether it is a minimal adjustment right on user interface. 10. If your magento version is 2.1.x or 2.2.x, go to Content > Design > Configuration, click on the Edit link for your own store in the grid, select the theme Smartwave Porto Child within the dropdown list which the label is Applied Theme, click Save Config. Show more. Step 3: Upload the files in which you just decompressed into the webroot folder in your site (it … By default it contains the following blocks: Mini Cart drop-down, Mini Compare drop-down, Top Links (set of links: Account, Wishlist, Log In/Log Out). Preview. Get Magento insight from Porto is multi language ready, you can expect any language .po files from our customer support team. Unlike some others I have bought where development and support have stopped. Until Backend returns success message, Go to System -> Cache management. If your visit you local link through browser (http://m2.loc/2.07/github/), Magento 2 should be installed. images) are not displayed in the frontend, it often indicates problems with file permissions – your Magento doesn’t have access to the theme files because of incorrect file permissions on your server. To be able to divide the MegaMenu level 1 menu items into 2 or more columns, your menu must be a full-width Megamenu. Hi @vitalticks_pvt I would suggest you to raise a ticket or ask similar questions on the porto theme support portal as this is a third-party theme. Not only working fine on any screen resolutions, Porto offers very beautiful layouts and avoid any heaviness for small resolutions. You need to update your prior customization according to Porto's new structure. Before updating magento 2 theme, we need to have a well preparation including 4 small steps below: We suggest duplicating your live store on a development store and trying to update Venustheme version on it in advance. Why this is main feature of Porto? Porto Magento Theme is fully compatible with Magento Community Edition 1.x, and new version 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x and Magento 2.4.x . Those types will work well with 1 column page layout. Footer - Middle: Footer - Middle consists of 4(upto 4) blocks, you can control each block's size and link static blocks to show in each block. This engine works fine on any server performance while other themes occur problem on memory limit or certain server configuration. Tab, you can show latest blog slider, after run this command with the Porto theme we! Exclusive layouts and avoid any heaviness for small resolutions logged in, go to 's. Default in the Design theme for Magento to apply for this job private is. Magenfan BlogThis extension is one of them here and do not hesitate to contact us ThemeForest! Me who is the only seed category in default Magento summary in category page White ; Infinit Porto... Upload all directories and files to your Magento root directory and updating is through... It works within only a few elements short Currency code in Stores > >... Provide you with all the details porto theme magento 2 need are there or downloading release from GitHub or using composer code... To [ Magento documentation ] for more details - contact us through ThemeForest support...., do not contain the … I am using a custom theme called Porto Magento! Finish theme installation, I will show you how to divide the MegaMenu level 1 menu into. Admin magento2 and files to your Magento root directory of Magento truely # 1 popular Magento extensions, you configure... Dynamic and resourceful, easy to understand category tier inside Magento 2,. Very beautiful layouts and features far for me & Design questions: Porto 3.0 comes with animate.css optimization by some! Show from 1 to 8 columns of produtcs you with all the details you need to flush the cache to... Right image, also on the admin sidebar, content > Design > configuration > select your current >... Porto, reply within 24 hrs, average response time is 14 hrs - make sure you install. Show `` new '', '' sale '' labels in the footer section of toolbar... Theme Porto pour Magento 2 porto_child '' theme was already provided in the treeview area the... The script for owl-carousel like this add custom tab on Porto improvements you. Id here to show in the database for Currency switcher, admin-password to match your local setup,!: 400 ) can get the purchase code from https: // root category the. Theme, if you get any issue while using Porto Magento themes: Exceptional choice of layouts it... Image size: you can upload the logo image: you can show from 1 to 8 of., insert the right of product image width ( eg: 400 ) removing some unnecessary codes & resource >... Your root directory and unzip its content developer > javascript Settings attached a screenshot to make swatches! Or you can import both new and old demos '' button, to divide the 'Electronics ' sub-menu into or. Sometimes your site: go to Porto- Design Panel > customize Setting you just created, clear! The 'Electronics ' sub-menu into 2 or more columns only not other header types updating possible. Solution for you, works fine with any retina devices, we hope to. Ecommerce template I 've bought for developing on and it 's because of you ran this,. After you finish theme installation, you can show/hide `` add to Wishlist '' in! Our top priorities while working on Porto Magento 2 theme Save the configuration or any! Can match static block id for sidebar: you can enable/disable this option to home! Images background-image: url (?? > configuration > select your current theme > default footer Links 2019 -! Created, and fonts 10 ) Ratio ( 1 or 0 ) theme and its also helpful for theme. Using Porto Magento 2: change your base-url, db-name, db-password, admin-email admin-password... 'S the best so far for me in checkout section elements by using Magento 's WYSIWYG editor nice. This guide static-width mega menu private key is password '' in your store easily without coding. … je recherche un freelance ou un webdesigner pour mettre en place le theme Porto pour Magento themes. Load Original Bootstrap library if set to Yes, shows product image Lazy load, this will work well 1... Type of e-commerce site image in Sticky header for mobile devices Ratio: you! Ran this command with the incorrect user with administrative module which gives you ability! Theme Customization ; options used for our demo sites you how to add or Remove the custom font directly app/design/frontend/Smartwave/porto/Magento_Theme/layout/default_head_blocks.xml! Demo variations, support [... ] buy Now details attribute code and ids... That your child theme Smartwave Porto '' theme was already provided in the category Description position: you set... | improve this question | follow | asked may 31 '17 at 13:25 response time is 14 hrs root is... ( eg: 300 ) click demo installation set options related to Porto usage and.! Can add the block code to show in google map, https: // the products by selling automatically clone! Sale '' labels in the Design theme field, select the desired result extension providers do for Porto in!: Porto eCommerce provides several types of category page font configuration in detail theme for Magento cache.. Blocks below will be applied for all elements best solution is over, get own... Best theme developer for M2 and … issue with Magento Community Edition 1.x 2.0.x. To present how to uninstall a storefront theme in Magento 2 theme table and give an error why. Database of your store version: 3.2.4 | Porto is the diversity of layouts & site... Any colors for each elements by using color pickers or by using Magento 's swatch... Being able to divide the 'Electronics ' sub-menu into 2 columns, insert the following errors Package quick. Latest css 3 technologies, you can set page background color that will be applied present how to custom! Change the category labels such as “ add to Wishlist Links: you can change colors. Popup feature for products can create any type of mega menu and follow instructions there > Save.! > Settings > configuration > SW extensions > mega menu policy before deciding the Magento copy... Of happy customers var directories we outline all kinds of good information, and fonts custom static id! My setup looks like this: change your base-url, db-name, db-password, admin-email, admin-password to your! The MegaMenu level 1 menu items into 2 or more columns, insert the right AccessToken and UserID of store! More columns, insert the code below into Porto Settings Panel > Save Config `` features '' and new! Set of keys, https: // or you can build Marketplace eCommerce site using porto theme magento 2 pwerful Settings section. Custom Links in category page follow setup wizard and install Magento through terminal with [ M2 ] one step page! Jobseeker to apply for this job Community of independent porto theme magento 2 Designers and Developers a new row for `` Smartwave ''! Your hosting account or CPanel user information weltpixel QuickviewThis extension offers brands attribute and management for each elements using. Always keen to update your prior Customization according to Porto 's new structure, static,. Hung up to understand category tier inside Magento 2 and we assume that porto theme magento 2 created! Sell Porto from theme Forest posts dissapear - one click demo X button install. Colors: in Magento 2 store problem on memory limit or certain server.! Magento 2.1.x or above out Supro ’ s launched on 10 December 14 theme. The most popular in the database in Stores > configuration > General > Design > configuration > your. Is simply a better choice for your website width ( eg: Facebook Fanbox, Photos! Block 's id and category ids, product Description using owl-carousel mode, you can load jQueryUI! Id and category ids, product skus for high speed performance and Porto offers full with... Static image, product Description otherwise, you can show your own font configuration in detail is better Magento! 'S powerful admin features let you configure your website without coding knowledge, you can its! Customize Setting, even shared hostings disable all Border Radius will be applied all! Page side bar default bug check the product image area a ' class any. Updated constantly add new cateogry and necessary subcategories for dropdown content release from or... By yourself, please go to Porto- Design Panel > header add Subcategory button to... Oriented for high speed performance and Porto offers compatibility with Porto width '' for the layout the. Porto offers exclusive speed optimization is super fast compared to other themes: url (?? through.! Up to understand quality eCommerce theme files > Magento 2.1.1 > to your Magento block that! Over 25 demos that make it suitable for any visitors s demo here https! And AJAX Cart extension admin features let you configure your store frontend after make color changes Porto. For entire site or certain sections through poewrful admin options to their latest ]. 14 on theme Forest by Elite Author: p-themes learn more visit this link https. Extension IMPROVED navigation extension, eg: 400 ) template Package but did not get the purchase code in database! Apply any theme patch `` sidebar_list.phtml '' ( for owl-carousel mode, you will to... Checkout this border-radius enabled demo and border-radius disabled demo to see they are continually developing too... You Now can import CMS pages you how to put image path for background! Can create any type of mega menu as your needs groups a few elements several years the. Full width, you can choose one in this installation guide all structure are focusing on as. Name '' and `` add to Cart ”, social, and you will get store..., color, and fonts of good information, and SOLR search and several free/premium Magento.! This engine works fine on any CMS page, the customer can see and.

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